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WH Trading believes in training its employees. Towards that end, several programs have been established to ensure that new hires and interns receive the support they need to acquire basic skills and succeed in the trading industry.

Summer Internship Program

  • WH Trading offers a 9-week summer internship program for college students who wish to gain exposure to the trading industry. The internship program involves three rotations:
  • Open Outcry Trading: interns observe market information flow and learn how orders work in a tangible manner, gaining insight into a process that remains largely “invisible” in electronic trading formats.
  • Electronic Trading: interns gain live, hands-on experience with algorithmic trading and have the unusual opportunity to run their own automated system during the rotation.
  • Software Engineering: interns learn about software development and the written computer code that drives our proprietary trading models.

    In addition, interns attend classes 4 days a week led by the senior partners and experienced traders.

During the summer of 2009, WH Trading, for the first time, sponsored two different internship programs targeted at Chicago area high school students.  These programs afforded us the opportunity to host students ranging from incoming junior year students to recent high school graduates.  As this video suggests, our high school aged interns became genuinely engaged by the end of the summer.

Trader Trainee Program

WH Trading runs a mandatory training program for all employees who wish to become traders. This program is designed to offer basic knowledge of futures and options trading through highly structured exchange floor and electronic trading rotations outlined in our Trader Trainee job description.

Additionally, Trainees participate in rigorous classroom sessions led by the senior partners and are assigned a senior trader who acts as a mentor on a rotating basis for the duration of the program.

At the conclusion of the training program, the firm assesses its current personnel needs with respect to the Trainee’s skill set and determines an appropriate role for him or her within the firm.